Storage and retrieval system of financial products and services

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Within this project, GTS provides access to the following sections:oans;

  • Loans
  • ATM
  • Payment cards
  • Branches and departments
  • Contributions
  • Urgent money transfers
  • Payment terminals
  • Safe deposit boxes

Information retrieval system of financial services was created to improve the knowledge and skills of financial market participants. This platform creates conditions for market participants and consumers to receive the necessary information about the services of the financial and banking system from a unified source. Thanks to this project the user can conduct a comparative analysis of the desired product or service, based on a wide list of variations offered by the website.

Internet platform "" provides consumers with easy access to banking financial services, stimulating the growth of the use of such services.

Among other things, there is increasing competition in the financial services market, improving the quality of their provision.

Result: Based on international experience, the information retrieval system is equipped with an interface that allows customers to compare easily financial products and services.