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GTSolutions sells and installs SSL digital certificates from GlobalSign in Baku at a partner price that is noticeably lower than indicated on the official website.

GlobalSign provides cloud security solutions and the issuance of SSL certificates for various companies and enterprises around the world. With the help of technologies from GlobalSign, many companies can carry out their activities in a secure environment, as well as automate authentication and encryption. 

With more than 15 years of market experience, GlobalSign is the first SSL provider to offer an easy-to-understand line of SSL certificates. Certificates from this company are in good agreement with the modern classification of SSL:

  • DV SSL certificate — domain confirmation
  • OV SSL certificate — organization confirmation
  • EV SSL certificate — extended confirmation
  • WildCard SSL certificate — confirmation of the domain and its subdomains
  • SAN SSL certificate —  domain confirmation by list

SSL certificates from GlobalSign, in addition to a high degree of protection, also provide high-speed loading of web pages.

Would you also like to be completely safe? Certificates developed by the international company GlobalSign will provide an appropriate level of protection for your websites. Write to us and we will answer your enquiries.