The GTS KYC to Identify Criminals, Made on the Basis of World Check

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Software GTS KYC (Know Your Client) was developed in connection with the strengthening of the fight against illegal financial transactions and international terrorism. With this platform, various organizations can scrutinize their business customers.

KYC system implements a certain list of documents, which contains all the necessary information about the identity of the business client.

This software has the following functions and features:

  • portal to manage the system;
  • customer screening portal;
  • partner portal providing a database for screening;
  • development of a public website;
  • system integration with database World Check;
  • web service for customer screening.

At the expense of «Know Your Client» both the company and the client will be protected from any penalties.

Result: The GTS KYC creates conditions for confirming the identity of the client, allows the security system to determine the level of risk in which the client is involved, and monitor suspicious money transfers.