The Electronic Mortgage System

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Electronic Mortgage System allows banks, mortgage fund, appraisers and insurance companies work in one centralized system.

This platform has the following features and functions:

  • automation of document flow;
  • ensuring continuous interaction between participants the process;
  • providing the necessary information;
  • availability of a web service for integration with the Fund's accounting system;
  • availability of a portal for the employees of the Fund, which tracks the applications of borrowers;
  • availability of a portal for credit institutions interacting with borrowers.

The system automates document flow, creates the general communication between all participants of the market of mortgage loan, and also with Mortgage Fund at the Central Bank (insurance companies, the authorized credit organizations, the estimated companies). It allows to simplify business processes by use of an online service of Google-Maps.  EMS is integrated with accounting system using web services and consists of the web portal and Online Module.

The web-portal makes possible for customers to get basic information regarding morgrage as well as allows morgrage fund to get information required to provide mortgages. The web-portal automates process of the appeal of clients for receiving a mortgage loan. The functionality allows development of a private room for registration, application of data and sending appeals to banks by the consumer. Also the portal is used for check and information processing by insurance companies, banks and mortgage fund.

Online Module simplifies the process of getting mortgage through removing the part where customer has to go to bank for underwriting.