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Today, one of the current trends in the field of information technology is hyperconvergence. A hyperconvergent system is an infrastructure in which storage, computing power, servers and networks are combined using software technologies.

Special software is responsible for the proper functioning of this infrastructure. This software turns the combined servers into a single system, which is controlled by a universal panel. If it is necessary to expand the system, it will be enough to add the necessary number of new modules.

The software used to organize a hyperconverged system allows you to abandon the virtual storage system. Instead, local hard drives or flash drives of the servers themselves are used. Software tools operate on the basis of modern rules of storage systems – increased efficiency and grouping into arrays of independent disks. Due to the hyperconverged infrastructure, it became possible to combine the entire range of IT tasks and solutions at an affordable price, as well as to implement them in a short time.

The main advantages of hyperconverged infrastructure development are: 

  • Creating more comfortable conditions for using the system for system administrators
  • Easy modernization of IT infrastructure for IT department managers
  • Reducing the volume of monotonous work on procurement and providing guarantees for buyers

Below is a list of the main advantages of hyperconvergent systems: 

  • Increased level of performance. Flash drives used in this technology minimize the workflow latency. 
  • Unified system. All the necessary components are combined into one infrastructure, so there is no need to install additional components. 
  • Easy to use. The system consists of standard components and does not require additional personnel to manage it. 

Today, GTSolutions specialists use hyperconvergence systems developed by companies such as Nutanix and VMware. 

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