Transport logistics management service for TLS Logistics

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With the help of this software service for logistics control, logistics companies will be able not only to automate the processes of cargo transportation, but also:

  • Optimize document flow
  • Improve the quality of work
  • Carry out detailed monitoring of supplies
  • Reduce the logistician's work time
  • Manage supply chains more efficiently
  • Create a transparent transportation history

The platform for TLS Logistics is developed on the basis of previous experience, taking into account the real needs of the customer and the basic principles of the logistics companies.

The tracking system includes a large set of features and tools that simplify the work process of logisticians, dispatchers, as well as other employees of the company. Our cloud CRM system for freight forwarders and transport and logistics companies opens up a number of the following advantages:

  • Entering all necessary information about transportation in the relevant sections
  • Monitoring of transportation statuses
  • Document management 
  • Storing all data in a single database
  • Optimization of interaction between departments
  • Creation of delivery reports in Excel format

The development is suitable for working with all types of transport and combined cargo:

  • Air transportation
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Sea transportation
  • Railway transportation
  • Road transportation

By implementing this cloud solution, the management of logistics companies will be able to control all work on applications and requests in real time from both computers and mobile devices.

Introductory video about the logistics management system