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The tracking system is a special solution developed to monitor all stages of transportation (applications, customers, payment, transport, cargo, documents, and so on).

This cloud solution was created specifically for logistics and transport companies in order to provide easy interaction between the computer and the user, as well as to improve the organization of work in the relevant enterprises.

The tracking system developed by GTSolutions team has the following features and capabilities:

  • Generation of daily reports
  • Tracking of project statuses
  • Separate storage of all files and documents related to a particular job
  • Adding necessary notes for each order
  • Full payment information (payment type, purchase price, discounts, agent details, and so on)

On the main page, you can place any text information, as well as monitor the reporting of the work performed in the form of tables and graphs. In the same section, various dashboards can be placed for monitoring processes in the system, analytical panels for management and a selection of necessary reports that will facilitate the work of users.

In "Jobs" section, the user will also be able to describe the cargo itself in detail by filling in the appropriate section information about the transport status, weight, date of loading, transport number, driver's contact details, and so on.

The necessary information about a particular project can be searched for by keywords using the search graph.

All tables in the tracking system are equipped with a sorting function. That is, with a single click on the desired column, each user can distribute the data inherent in a particular item in the desired sequence.

In "History" section, you can make additional notes about each cargo. The main feature of this section is the inability to delete or change the previously added «history». When you add a note, the screen will always display the date of its entry into the system and the user name.

In addition to all this, the system provides an archiving function, which is linked to the documentation of files. That is, the presence of documents attached to the project will activate the archiving function of the application. If the above-mentioned files are not available, archiving will not be possible.

If you need to monitor the collected projects in order to create a report on the work carried out for your superiors, it will be enough to click on "Generate report" button. After that, you will receive a full report on the work done in the form of a table in Excel format. This table displays all the information about the applications entered in the system.

You can view a visual list of your clients by clicking on "Client" button. When you fill in "client" line in "General information" section, this list will automatically appear in the offers, from which you can choose the name you need or enter another option.

By clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting "My profile", you can always change your profile settings.

It is also important to note that the Tracking System is an absolutely flexible project. That is, such features as the number of fields or the priority of columns in certain tables will depend solely on the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Result: With the help of this CRM system, logistics and transportation companies will be able to create a comfortable working environment for its employees, save time working on applications and ensure transparency of the workflow.

Introductory video about the logistics management system