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This website contains the following sections:

  • information on the latest developments in banking
  • monetary policy data
  • information about different payment systems
  • information relating to national currency notes
  • information relating to statistics

Currently, the Central Bank of Azerbaijan has a number of information resources to support the goals and functions arising from the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan". The creation of information resources was implemented in accordance with the requirements of the era, which ensured the independent operation of sources by users. Each information system is equipped with appropriate technologies, database and software. At the moment, in order to access these information systems, various commercial banks, numerous non-Bank credit organizations and credit unions have access to various URLs and use the relevant information resources through the electronic signature of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

In order to meet the growing business requirements and goals, the CBA decided to create a fundamentally unified information system that facilitated the provision of services to both the Bank's partners and the public.

Result: The creation of this technological capability has allowed users within the framework of an appropriate authority to access a more convenient and functional information resource. Consolidated information systems help to collect and process applications and proposals of credit institutions and the public in a single database.