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GTS software for cash expertize allows central banks to define the key requirements for a new family of banknotes, it is necessary to take into account the needs of all the stakeholders in the cash cycle. Our solution will liaise with the Central Bank, relevant government agencies, law enforcement officers and representatives from the commercial banking and retail sectors, as well as members of the public.

Our software has the following features and capabilities:

  • Technical analysis of the problem
  • Result testing at all stages of the process
  • Review of the existing threat of falsification
  • Evaluation of the forgery method
  • Review of national and international trends in falsification
  • Determination of the level of exposure of each denomination to counterfeiting
  • Technical evaluation of counterfeit currency withdrawn from circulation
  • Identification of the source of falsification
  • Providing high-speed authentication and processing of banknotes in circulation
  • Finding effective ways of protection and methods of detecting problems

An increasingly common requirement for the Central Bank and its partners is to provide conditions for testing and analysis laboratory of printed materials. This procedure is carried out in order to be able to clearly comply with the established standards.

The system developed by us combines a combination of technical analysis and laboratory testing at all stages, including the printing process. All this makes it possible to create suitable conditions defined by standards.

It is important to note that the system for expert analysis of banknotes developed by our company uses special equipment from the Swiss company Projectina AG.

The presence of special illumination and a powerful optical camera on macroscopes manufactured by Projectina AG makes it possible to carry out a thorough analysis of cash, taking into account the following three factors:

  • Paper quality
  • Presence of microtypes on the banknote
  • Presence of a holographic texture on the banknote

In addition to the above, the Cash Examination Center examines the durability of each banknote in circulation. Upon completion of the examination, the system should answer the following questions:

  • How long the banknote can remain in circulation
  • Reasons for withdrawal of banknotes from circulation
  • Level of pollution/depreciation of the currency
  • Determine the method of forgery

It should also be emphasized that suspicious banknotes get to the Cash Examination Center through the  Cash Management System, which was also developed by GTSolutions.