Electronic services portal of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan

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E-CBAR is an electronic services portal of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, which provides the following functions and features:

  • Statistical reporting system
  • System for obtaining digital signature
  • System of monitoring and examination of banknotes
  • Electronic appeal system
  • State registry for encumbrance of movable property
  • Commemorative coins system
  • Centralized credit registry system

The electronic statistical database and analytical reporting system have made it possible to collect material from various sources, process it and disseminate it. In addition, this section monitors business activity, which allows the state and banking institutions to be always aware of the latest changes in the system. The electronic statistical database provides users with information not only about the financial system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, but also provides information about the economic state of the country. This function creates conditions for comfortable navigation and enables the creation of multi-functional procedures within the database.

The section "Center for certification services of the bank" (BSXM) aims to implement the infrastructure of the unified electronic signature in the banking sector, minimizing the risks for legal entities and individuals who are clients of credit institutions, while using the services of "Client-Bank". Also, this area is responsible for finding solutions to disputes legally. For the use of internal corporate systems of the Central Bank, you can use the electronic signature certificates provided by BSXM. BSXM services can be used by individuals and legal entities that are clients of credit institutions operating in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The system of "Monitoring of counterfeit currency" provides a large amount of information regarding the falsification of cash. This section contains the reporting results of financial examinations. Through this function, anyone can submit an application for verification of the doubtful banknote and, if it is necessary, obtain permission to replace the banknotes in the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

The system of "Electronic appeals" allows each person to send their proposals, applications and complaints concerning the functioning of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. According to paragraph 10.1 of article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On citizens' appeals", citizens' applications are considered no longer than 15 working days, and applications requiring additional study and verification - no longer than 30 working days. The person who applied to the information system can monitor the status of the application processing in the office and receive a reverse response, secured by an electronic signature. Notifications on consideration of the electronic appeal addressed to the Central Bank are automatically sent to the specified e-mail address of the applicant.

The "State registry for encumbrance of movable property" was created in order to provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to financial resources and increase their ability to obtain a loan secured by movable property. One of the advantages of using the registr is that it provides financial institutions with centralized information about the movable assets of SMEs. Thanks to this, banks can track whether the specified property is encumbered with collateral.

With the help of the "Commemorative coins system", users can see a list of available commemorative banknotes and coins, as well as purchase them online.

The main purpose of the "Centralized credit registry system" is to create a registry of all loans of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, regardless of the amount and term. The system includes loans issued by both banks and non-bank credit organizations.

Result: Upon completion of the work, the unified information portal was created, which includes the following sections: "Electronic statistical database and analytical reporting system", "Center for certification services of the Bank", "Monitoring of counterfeit currency", "Electronic appeals", "Centralized credit registry system", "State registry for encumbrance of movable property" and so on.