Cash management system

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CMS participates and manages the full spectrum of cash management procedures and offers the following functions:

  • Deposit
  • Pay-out
  • Deposit/pay-out order and scheduling management via CMS-Web
  • Counting/blind counting
  • Packing and sealing
  • Material handling and storage
  • Processing
  • Picking/shipping
  • Custody tracking

CMS enables the organizations to create warehouse and warehouse locations for the different work and storage zones in cash center. Container will always be associated to such a location, and every container movement will be generated and tracked by the system. CMS will always know exactly on which location or on which transport system (e.g. AGV n° 4) the container is located.

The traceable unit is identified in CMS as a UWIP or Unit of Work in Process. Depending on the implementation the UWIP can be a bundle, a strap, a tray, a sack.

CMS will enable you to enforce the security procedures in every step of the cash management process. The system supports assignment of operators and supervisors to teams, and enforces registration of ID’s and passwords for custodial transfers.

The complete physical flow will be tracked with different statuses for each UWIP in a container. Each status will symbolize the processing stage of the UWIP. A UWIP can be on a storage location, in transport, in process, suspect, blocked, waiting to be proofed etc. Each transition will only be possible via the CMS system, taking into account the needed user privileges.

This audit and trail capability will lead the way towards a paperless approach. Only this way, a cash center will get the full benefit of automated material handling and storage.

Scheduling system allows you to turn your customer requests, such as deposits and cash orders, into individual processing and picking orders. The system will use the available capacity to make a feasible plan, respecting shift patterns, maximum lead times and due dates.

Scheduling also prepares a team plan, including availability of resources. The schedule will automatically generate the line-feeding orders from the automated vault to the different processing and paying rooms.

In order to process the receipts and payments, the CMS system will be integrated with the consolidation and clearance systems that control the daily relation between the central banks and the commercial banks.

Result: The modern cash management platform offers a simple and accessible user interface, convenient integration points, automated risk management and multi-channel system for data access.