GT Solutions provides assistance to families in need

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GT Solutions employees take an active part in providing humanitarian assistance to families in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan who are in difficult life circumstances.

Most of these families live in difficult housing conditions: houses without gas, water supply and electricity. Many of them are unable to provide a proper standard of living for themselves and their children due to health problems or lack of work.

To this end, GT Solutions tries to provide poor people with basic necessities as much as possible. The company delivers food packages with a long shelf life, consisting of various cereals, sugar, flour, butter, beverages, meat products, canned food, and so on. In addition to all this, families are also provided with the necessary hygiene products and household utensils.

To date, representatives of the company have visited several orphanages, as well as more than a dozen families in need of social support. The Managing Director of GT Solutions informed that the company plans to continue its charity activities.